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  • Are academic help services bad?

    What do people say?


    Some people feel strongly that nothing good can come out of the writing services. Below are some of their feelings:

    • A student who is not doing is own writing will never get the chance to improve. He will never get to undertake research or invest time to understand concepts. This student has found a way of earning good grades without actually learning, thus taking away all motivation to learn.

    • The other issue at the forefront is that contracting the writing services is tantamount to cheating. It blurs the ethical line for the students. Their definition of what is ethical or unethical, right or wrong is permanently altered.

    • The other point of consideration is that the student will never get the opportunity to measure their potential to conduct and compile academic papers. The irony is that some of the freelancers that the students are relying on can barely write better than them.

    • The other potential pitfall is that the writing service market is hardly sanitized. Some rogue writers will deliver a copy pasted essay. On being run through copy scape, the content comes out as plagiarized and the student's lands into a lot of trouble and potentially jeopardizes his studies. The student who is compelled to use these writing services must do due diligence in hiring the writing service.

    The proponents


    On the other side of the coin are people who swear by the writing services. Some of the potential benefits that they cite are:

    • Saving the student time: If the student is overwhelmed with several papers to write at once, he may choose to enlist the services of a professional writer to relieve him of this stress. This buys the student additional time for his studies.

    • The writing services will enable the students to get better scores. The students’ assignments are written by experts who will in effect improve the grades of the students and their GPA.

    • The student gets an opportunity to learn how to produce quality papers. The assignments delivered can be used as a template for future assignments and the student can eventually rely less and less on writing services.



    From the above arguments, it is not easy to draw a clear line between the positive and negative results of hiring writing services. I will throw some spanner in the works and ask, is it not a bit hypocritical to question the practice of writing services?

    The idea of paying someone else to do work on one’s behalf has become common in today’s world. Many actors, athletes, politicians and business people have contracted ghostwriters to produce their memoirs for them. Wait a minute, do the politicians write their speeches? There is simply no law against it.

    In fact, many institutions of higher learning market not the challenges provided by their courses of study but by the ease with which busy students can complete the courses within record time, in the midst of their other responsibilities. We are living in the culture of invest the least time and effort to secure the goods.


    Are writing services helping or harming the students? I will let you be the judge!


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